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The Jura Perfume Oil from Oil is blended in small batches in Toronto, Lohn perfume oils combine fine fragrances with aromatic essential oils and moisturizing coconut oil. JURA | Glowing gift of the sea. /jūra/ From Lithuanian, meaning sea. (n.). Surround yourself in the freshness of the seaside. Rich cedarwood is cut by cool, refreshing eucalyptus, before evolving into a citrusy zing of bergamot with a ribbon of amber for warmth and sandalwood for depth.

Top Notes: Lemon & Sweet Orange. Middle Notes: Cedarwood & Eucalyptus. Base Notes: Amber & Sandalwood.

How to use: Lohn suggests rolling them on pulse points like your neck, chest, and wrists. They’re designed to be portable, so you can carry them with you and reapply throughout the day.

Size: 10 ml/0.3 fl oz

Made in Toronto.

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